Keep Your Eye on It


is a patented training aid used to assist golfers maintain a steady head position during the golf swing.

Kathy Putting

Ball Striking Improves

Learn to hit the ball off the center of the clubface.

Achieve Distance and Accuracy

A golfing aid that improves
your golf swing.

Enjoy the Game More

Ball flight will be farther, straighter, and you'll even putt better.

Head Position During the Swing

Head position often gets overlooked during the set up by amateurs and professionals alike. A feeling that having a steady head during the swing contributes to hitting the golf ball off the center of club with power and consistency.

The reason why is that keeping a steady head helps generate consistent contact and keeps all body parts in the correct position to make a descending angle of approach on the golf ball. Hitting down on the golf ball is the key to consistent contact and an ideal trajectory, especially with irons and wedges.

5 out of 5

Why is the Eyeball Golf Trainer any different from the mess we see regularly. Yes, there is still plenty of training aids out there. I know, hard to believe right? We all see the infomercials on the Golf Channel and wonder “Who the hell buys this crap?” From the Square Strike (Chipping with an 8 iron, I swear I’ve heard of that before) to the Driver you can hit off the deck and even out of a divot. You know, a 5 Wood. Regardless if its THE HAMMER or some crazy concept of clicks and whistles, people buy this stuff and that my friends are why they’re so popular. At least to the executive selling the ad space. Eyeball Golf TrainerEyeball Golf Trainer For me to get interested in a training aid, a few things have to take place. It has to have a purpose that means something to me. I have to think it might work The price needs to be affordable. The Eyeball Golf Trainer hit all those points. It has to have a purpose I came across a flaw in my backswing by total accident. I honestly couldn’t tell you how long this has been going on, but it kind of freaked me out. When I start to take the club back, my eyes tend to wander. Over the last 4-6 weeks, I’ve been trying to focus more on my entire swing from setup to follow through. I was playing out at Revere last month, and I noticed when I was picking my Aimpoint from the tee box my eyes would merely drift off after choosing my spot. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but it did get me to concentrate a bit more on the moment. The realization that I was losing focus had me concentrating, even more, the rest of the rest of the round. A few holes later I noticed what I mentioned earlier. Upon starting my backswing, again, my eyes began to wander off the ball. It was a disturbing revelation. I began to wonder how long this had been going on and how long have I been oblivious to the problem. It was an accident the way I stumbled upon the flaw, but now, it was entrenched in my brain and was causing some concerns. Out of nowhere, I received an email from the creator of the Eyeball Golf Trainer, Robert Stassi Jr. The timing couldn’t have been any better. If his email shows up two days prior, I might not have even been enticed to check it out. Now, however, I had a reason to look into his training aid. Receiving the email was a visible sign from the golfing gods. So, because of the sheer coincidence, I responded to the email, and here we are. So what is the purpose of the Eyeball Golf Trainer? Besides being creepy how I needed to find out about the Eyeball Golf Trainer and “bing” here it is, the concept is

Mathew Wangrycht
5 out of 5

I am so glad that I reconnected with Rob after many years. He introduced me to the eyeball trainer and although I have only put it to use a short time, I am already experiencing an improvement in my game. I haven't had much problem keeping my head still throughout the swing. But you can still come over the top with a steady head. That's me! But after working with the eyeball trainer, I have quickly realized my swing path was not allowing me to bring the club into the ball at the optimum angle. If what I am experiencing in the short time I've use this puts me back on the right path to having fun playing again, I look forward to what is yet to come. Thanks a million Rob!

Danny Buist
5 out of 5

I tried the Eyeball Training Aid for the first time yesterday and wanted to give you a few thoughts. What’s great is that it was simple to use and it helped me not move off the ball on my backswing and also stay behind the ball throughout the full swing. I plan on using this aid to for a warm up before a round and every time I practice.

Brett Breeze
5 out of 5

Had some control issues with my swing. Some right, some left, couldn't quite figure what was happening. Worked with Robbie and hit a few balls with the "Eyeball Golf Trainer" and found I was moving off the ball. Some a little, some a lot. Hence right and left of target. I can and would recommend using the "Eyeball" to truly see and feel the effect of the head staying in place during the swing.

Rick Young
5 out of 5

I just wanted to say that the eyeball is great. It's hard to fix your head movement alone when you have virtually no idea which way your head is moving in the first place. I was moving my head quite a bit before I started swing under this little device. Once Robert handed it to me, I made it part of my routine. Four to five times a week I would go into the garage and practice my technique with the Eyeball, people have seen improvement, and so have I. I can use this device with any and all 14 of my clubs due to the adjusting which is what made the eyeball so precious to me. I can go from my 60 degree wedge to my driver and as long as I see the ball through the circle, I’m hitting the ball great! The Eyeball work perfect off turf or mats. The Eyeball is simple to build and break down all with a spin of the base, you can carry it around in your bag since it isn’t that heavy, and it packs flat so it doesn’t take up that much space. I think this device was a perfect idea, and I know other people will love it too.

Kiana Oshiro, Central Point, OR