Keep Your Eye on It


is a patented training aid used to assist golfers maintain a steady head position during the golf swing.

Kathy Putting

Ball Striking Improves

Learn to hit the ball off the center of the clubface.

Achieve Distance and Accuracy

A golfing aid that improves
your golf swing.

Enjoy the Game More

Ball flight will be farther, straighter, and you'll even putt better.

Head Position During the Swing

Head position often gets overlooked during the set up by amateurs and professionals alike. A feeling that having a steady head during the swing contributes to hitting the golf ball off the center of club with power and consistency.

The reason why is that keeping a steady head helps generate consistent contact and keeps all body parts in the correct position to make a descending angle of approach on the golf ball. Hitting down on the golf ball is the key to consistent contact and an ideal trajectory, especially with irons and wedges.

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